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own. super doppler. annapolis, and you can see what happened. lots of leads on the trees, the tree goes down. be more of that. the biggest story will be the time frame. will be -- ite we getting thebe weather center. >> the one positive of sandy is t is coming ashore so rapidly, increasing speed, it is ashore not quite at the time of high tide. it looked like that would be the time it would be coming ashore. about the shore now. let me show you the regional doppler. this is how else looks right
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now. raining here,is equally snowing at the same rate. in the mountains of west virginia, those are the areas that are under a blizzard warning. the the centeree of sandy coming near oceant now city, new jersey. the track will take it across delaware bay. , the reinss around new york city, even into island, have not been as as they had been up through our area. can see these winds continue from the northwest. that is tending to drive the water out. we have had wind gusts up to 52 in the last hour. iran to atlantic city, the
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is bottoming. -- around advantage city, the is bottoming and will to our perhaps another two or 3 inches of rain. the total rainfall around the will be 5-6rea inches. 8:00 to midnight or 1:00 in the morning will be the time were we have to watch for more damage, more power outages. even though sandy is in short, not out of the woods by a long shot. >> the beaches are seeing the far.damage so part of the pier in oakland -- was wiped out today. a boardwalk and some streets already flooded. brad has been out there all day. blowing likeis
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crazy right now. more than we have seen during of the storm. i do not know if this is going to work or not. a little while ago, i almost got blown over. i want to give you an idea of the speed. take a walk over here and you on the otheris of the sea wall. going to find some shelter behind the building. it is our relief when you get a little shelter. you can see that the beach is exposed again. we see sand and the ocean has receded. we're heading towards another high tide. it will be interesting to see happens at that point. the waves are still very large, what we sawlike before. they were coming up and over the sea wall. city built this concrete
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of years agonumber the ocean where it belongs. overnight an end to this was cominge water up and over. we were doing an interview with the summit just about right and the way it came up and over and got us what just about just about up to here this morning. we had a railing to hold onto and it was fine. you can see the damage, you can how things have blown around. the stand is starting to pile up. seeing debris of all sorts. it is eight mass, sandy has been quite awhile. -- it is a mess, sandy has been here for quite awhile.
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that was the big concern, but with the change in the wind --ection the winde losing -- conditions continue to pick up. you can only imagine how much be near theight water. two sailors are missing at sea. , the replica of the vessel, was british built for that movie mutiny on the bounty. the coast guard was able to get rescue 14and crewmembers. it has sunk to the seat. cameras were rolling as the
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guard rescued those 14 sailors. >> back here at home, visitors theld town alexandria know drill. -- businesses in old town alexandria know the drill. how is it looking? >> it is looking wet. it is getting pretty bad. area is under a high wind warning and a flood watch. this is one of the culprits, known to flood in this area. up to 10 inches of rain is expected in his rain -- in this area. this area will be under water by the time of this is over. the wind conditions in old town, watching these and trees blowing within hours, someple of good wind gusts. from the wind and rain
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made their way to alexandria, all eyes focused on two locations. potomac and the trees. at this irish pub on king street, workers were busy building a last minute line of defense. >> all we can do to get ready. away from theds potomac. most places are already closed. >> businesses were already decorated with sandbags and messages for sandy. most shops were closed today. exception of this maman and locals, there refute on the street. >>t feels very different. >> the wind and rain that is concern. what impact tropical storm force have on trees. >> we are concerned with the that the wind and rain will
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trees. they will pull down power lines severe powerave outages for multiple days. >> tens of thousands of were left without power this summer. many expect sandy will leave e dark. th >> we've gotten our batteries to gather. extra food and ice and things like that. >> you can see the wind has been every fewck and forth minutes. gotten some of these trees swing quite a bit. a lot of concern, whether or not r outages and powe not the water will start rising. >> we shall see. d.c..head over to
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another area that is used to e damaging floods. >> the sandbags are stacked against basement doors. far, so good for bloomingdale's. of concern about any intent downpours. including dell, residents took into their own hands keep the sewers from being clocked by leaves. i live in a basement. this is a flood prone area. >> a cross town on capitol hill, was busy.are store residents for trying to get those sandbags or batteries is too late. >> there is a drain in my backyard that is not working too well. batteries,hts, lamps. we got a shipment and last night
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gone. is almost at the georgetown waterfront, the flood walls were fully raised. with all government and schools essentialept for workers, traffic was light city. the the mayor was saying he hopes it stays that way. the next 24 hours, i hope will stay home. we have five shelters in our area open. we have 16 shelters if folks need that. they can call 311 or 911. statement, the a taxis declared this emergency. the taxicab can charge an additional $15 surcharge for a trap. that has encouraged cabs to come t. metro, many people
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have -- the cab is the only way they can get around. careful. more than half a million customers along the east coast are without power. in the d.c. metro area, this is the first big test for power outsides pepco has 1600 local crews.isting here are the latest outage numbers. pepco is reporting 17,000 customers without power. most cases are in prince george's county. dominion said 10,000 customers are affected. says more than 2500 customers are in the dark and montgomery county. it could take a week or more to restore power. if you do end up losing power, sure you manage to have our for your smart phones
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and ipad. can get updates on damaged area and school closings. >> let's talk about travel. if you are trying to get out of town, you are stuck. >> all flights at reagan national and dulles are canceled until further notice. entrains are also on hold. >> things like -- and trains are also on hold. >> reagan national is a ghost town, i have never seen it like this. bunchly people here are a of reporters. things have really gone downhill in the last hour. all three area airports are officially open, but all flights untileen cancelled further notice. all transportation anywhere is much grounded to a halt. almost halloween and it is
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reagan national airport. they were able to book a flight boston, but not until wednesday. were thinking about driving back. >> they were stranded after yesterday's marine corps marathon. >> before the winds take them apart. many of their runners their stays at local hotels. crazy, we do not have hurricanes in california. we have earthquakes. at union station, hurricane sandy shut down all train service. any >> he is trying to get back to wilmington, and he met a guy to get a cab. >> this cabdriver charged some
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$500. those traveling by car face their own dangers. this accident snarled early- the 14thraffic on street bridge. >> alexandria schools are closed. we came here to play. >> do not have out to the airport. check with your airline once again. been canceledve until further notice. throughas canceled all tomorrow. chances are you'll be stuck for a another day. >> another day, at least. search for supplies
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continues. stores and gasu stations. you along for a ride into the middle hurricane sandy to see how the experts gather information, close and personal. >> anncr: it'said that character is what we do...
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is in the storm's direct path. atlantic city could get the of sandy's wrath. how are things looking at this hour? upe wind, rain has picked the past hour, conditions have deteriorated sharply. hurricane sandy has strengthened and picked up speed. to make land fall early this evening near city, new jersey.
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>> this is a serious storm. >> in nearly 12 foot storm surge york city. in new residents are bracing for more flooding and more power outages. >> they are talking about surges that we have not seen before. there is nothing at all to be taken lightly. >> as a hurricane at sandy collides with a winter storm, snow is falling in west virginia and north carolina. those things.f 90 miles off cape hatteras, guard stage a dramatic rescue 414 crewmembers who had been on board a ship. -- a rescue for 14 chromatic -- members who had been on board a ship.
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amtrak has also been suspended flights along the been canceled. authorities are telling residents, stay indoors if possible. >> this is not a time to be a showoff. not a time to be stupid. is a time to try to save yourself and your family. may is in the eye of the storm. what was your reaction to what saw? >> it is right there and it is about 25 miles from the of the storm. i thought it would look a lot rougher. this is a rapid f you want to find
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exactly where it goes, the is gone tissued to shoot theing gap, it is all moving to the west very quickly. more heavy rain across our area and the wind will increase. the strongest winds are displaced to the north right .ow 115 mile per hour gusts, the is about as low as we seen a hurricane hitting the east coast. storm by major anyone's metric. is that it is in history books. fact that it is coming and quickly means it will leave more quickly. look at our futurecast to the evening, this model takes the to the west-northwest.
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it turns it up into pennsylvania. we will have the worst weather a later tonight, early tomorrow. are signs of improvement. by this time tomorrow afternoon, a whole lot nicer. >> we still have a number of hours to really go through the torrential rain. these are the areas under flood because of the rain we already have. it is for spots down the potomac. it will be updated probably 5 .eet above flood stage here is the regional doppler any rainived as a batch of coming around us. -- and you can see those bands d coming aroun
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snowing nowe it is elevations, the 2- snow an hour. this is the atlantic city and you can get an idea. there is some drier air to come in from the where the but that is center is. around long island and new city, they are catching the nasty weather. for us, we still have to sit through several more hours of this rain. look at how much rain has fallen. aroundnches of rain in and our own neck of the woods. the naval academy, almost 6 inches. over 4 inches of rain. as they go through the next hours, we will see those rain dance. blizzard warning remains out folks in the high spots western maryland.
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that storm less finely to our north. washington around with moderate to heavy rain and when.sing highest wind could be close 60-70 miles per hour. midnight, and it begins to wind down. afraid there will be power outages in some spots. as we get into wednesday, thursday, friday, the sunshine back. we're going to be feeling the this storm for days come, even though the worst will be after midnight- 1:00. night ahead ofng us. we're going to bring you updates during prime time. you will still be able to watch your favorite shows.
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remaining all stars about alleged assault on a two-hour "dancing with the stars. -- will battle it out on a two- dancing with the stars. we promised to denounce the justin bieber tickets. >> after more than 1000 entries, is tricia lee of springfield, virginia. >> probably the only person out smiling today. hopefully, she has power. all stocked up with supplies? n
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>> being prepared for what sandy for the east coast is essential. women to go see what is left serious to make -- is int to go see what left and what is in serious demand. all up and down the east
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coast, people are betting confie minute supplies. everything has been flying off the shelves. even as the storminto the d.c. e to grabhe wind and rain some last minute and essentials. >> it will be hard to find things around here. >> the rush was on for food. >> i picked up anything i felt would -- >> water. bungee cords. wood. >> there are a lot of tall trees.
5:30 pm
if our power goes out, or go will we want to be ready. >> for some, the problem is too much water. >> we have water in the already. >> he made an emergency run to hardware store. >> i got the last humidifier. t out of thell i basement. requestinge flashlights and batteries. what kind of batteries? d-sized batteries were sold out everywhere. >> look at all of them. >> in the last few minutes, the rain in silver spring really picked up. if you are brave enough or
5:31 pm
enough to come out here some last-o get find itupplies, you'll find anything open. onlyhardware store is the store in silver spring that is open right now. l remain open until about 8:00 tonight. deal with rain and wind, to our west, they are snow in october. >> the storm having a major impact on the race for the white house. will your votes
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00.
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are getting worse and worse. fromre seeing a picture northwest washington. sandy is getting closer and the coast. >> sandy is getting closer to the coast. the winds are picking up. we have seen that here, we have a 63 mile per hour wind gusts in on they's county potomac. all live look at the boardwalk -- the waves are pounding. here is the rain coming across the coast. torrential. it looks like the worst will be
5:36 pm
over the greater metro over the next several hours. midnight, 1:00, at 2:00 in the morning. producing heavy rain is going to be the problem. ongoing heavy rain will -- exacerbate the nexting potential in the several days. we expect seven or 8:00 through about 1:00, at 2:00 to be the rainest concentration of and wind. isolated spots, not impossible to have 75 m.p.h.. sustained winds, a 35-40 miles per hour. storm, the biggest effects still to come this evening. sandy could be the october surprise everyone talks about on
5:37 pm
the campaign trail. it has canceled a number of , including a stop for t obama. clinton with the president. the impact sandy is having on the elections. >> this is something that neither campaign predicted. both sides say they have hit the button, and not completely. overall, during the most critical part of the campaign, in ang both teams g position. deteriorating conditions, a arrived back in d.c. and the exact time he was be stumping in florida. >> i was supposed to be the man for president obama. >> the president said his day job was the top focus.
5:38 pm
>> our number one priority is to are saving lives. >> mitt romney in ohio pleaded for donations of a different kind. >> if you think about making a to the red cross. >> a complete halt, both teams is spending campaign events. mitt romney bus used to deliver food and walter. they're encouraging people to take in those yard signs so they e dangerousm projectiles. of it all is pivotal, .ust eight days left many wonder what election will if there are widespread power outages. >> their plan for extended hours for absentee voting. >> it would mean -- voters might as a blessing, the loss of campaign commercials and phone calls. >> the u.s. labor department
5:39 pm
is hopeful it can release the october jobs report friday. unemployment is at 7.8%. that is always important. the board of elections is the offices to be whommodating to anyone early because about getting to next tuesday. maryland counseled early voting today. -- cancelled early voting today. are not on, you can news on make sure you have far app on your smart phones or ipad. bill looksheck
5:40 pm
like there is not much action the route -- it looks like there's not much action happening on the roads. >> you are some problems because high wind and rain. debris all over the beltway between georgetown pike. because of not a lot of volume, delay.ot of you have some flooding also around maryland. earlier tractor-trailer that was jackknifed is still in place between 355 and connecticut avenue. 198 affected between -- you have some wires down. we are seeing a shaky cameras a lot of rain as you work area.ay around the >> it looks like people stayed home.
5:41 pm
take us along for a through hurricane sandy. >> the intensity of this rank mandatoryrom sandy, evacuations in one part
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huntingents in the fairfax county know whenoo well what happens it floods. we have some breaking news the residence. >> the latest is within the past minutes, a fairfax county fire have issued a evacuation for people living in parts of the huntington neighborhood. it is right behind me -- terrace. people to turn off the power in their homes, belongings and their pets, and gets out of their house. the rain has been flowing steadily in huntington all day today and they have been ofparing for the threats but it has remained that, at 8 threat. -- a threat.
5:45 pm
back in 2006, people removed from their basements. there on standby ready to go. >> every time it rains, my is about ready to have a heart attack. my wife goes crazy. as though itparing is going to get worse. a plan in place in case worse. get >> mandatory evacuations in e living inhos arlington terrace in huntington and. 1here is a shelter open on 660 telegraph. is happening very quickly. police will be watching very closely as the rain continues.
5:46 pm
rain and wind the beaches to our east, to our west, look at this. snow that is the problem. >> we are on board a hurricane flying into hurricane ♪
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>> there is one group gets up close and personal with hurricanes. hurricanere the hunters. right into the storm. >> flying through a hurricane, flying through solid of thunderstorms. , having rightoard hurricaneiddle of a sandy. dead -- it is big and you have a hurricane forest hurricane-force winds.
5:50 pm
>> commander mark nelson has airplane into more than 20 hurricanes. >> it is like having a fire on the nose of an aircraft. >> allowing the scientists to wages cannotrm in from the ground. we gather data that no radar can gather. >> they told us we're going the heavierof precipitation. they told us to fasten their on. belts and hang has thehurricane hunter radar and is loaded down with monitoring equipment. it help themoes
5:51 pm
whether it has intensified, or is bottoming out. >> sandy was in transition, spreading out and taking on characteristics of the nor'easter. it is going to be widespread damage up and down the coast. >> this call will be tracking it from inside the storm. e to dos a lot of courag if you ask me. even halloween yet, bringing us snow. at this.ok this is west virginia. as much as 3 feet of snow fall time the hurricane passes. manyuld be helpful for -- ski resorts. >> the snow is turning out to be part of this system.
5:52 pm
we have the latest on all about sandy at this hour. >> this is an image from garrett county. blizzard warnings in effect. be the story tonight early tomorrowrning. more indications that the cold air on the backside -- let's see if we can flip the switch and get the graphics to move. we're stuck on garrett county. this is the image of the blizzard warnings out west. this is crazy. the other side of the system, that is off to the east. that is where we are having the more typical hurricane impacts. the wind gusts continues at of the northwest. blowing the water levels away from the coast line. tomorrow, or when will turn around to the south and that
5:53 pm
will cause problems with rising water in the chesapeake. right now, this is the largest area of heavy rain in advance. the center is just off screen to the right as we look out to the east. a little broader view of our storm scant shows all this pushing up into canada. this is an enormous storm, the worst damage is delaware, new jersey, long island. locally, we have a higher when and to come here tonight and more torrential rain. that is gone to be an issue will have to deal with the overnight hours. you can see across the city from arlington, plenty of rain and more strong wind with the
5:54 pm
elements coming 8:00 and 1:00 in the morning. more heavy rain, hopefully by tomorrow, a bit of a bright, but we
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working really hard all day, but most people stay home all day from school. what did they do? see areof the cars you from the folks who work here. in awhile, you will see someone going into restaurants. one family says they are taking advantage of the calm before the storm. restaurants were open, the tables were empty. >> we knew we needed to get out. a change of scenery before the actual storm.
5:58 pm
tv.y will watch >> we are doing laundry, we could some food. some food. >> it was kind of a challenge to going out what was i was to do. a good day to be out. mom decided a little arts and crafts would not be too bad as wait for whatever sandy may bring. typical toddler. more interested in his painting. >> we are not so sure it is to.g >> a little lesson in hurricanes. >> hurricane sandy, ok? try one more time.
5:59 pm
>> hurricane sandy. >> and he gets it right. >> if you lose power during a storm, there are emergency all around the area. we have a list of those locations on our website. that is going to do for our news at 5:00. our coverage continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is abc news at 6. >> good evening. hurricane sandy is almost to our coast. to pummel theue east coast for hours. ill looks like sandy is very -- it looksd fall like sandy is very close to landfall. it is getting ready to push to wa

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